List of shortlisted candidates for Skype Interview

Sr.No Name Topic
1. Akshaya alias Kiruthika S Detection and Control of Road PotHoles Using IOT
2. Varada Harikumar Econinja
3. Ruchika Sharan EVCA
4. Premi.C Smart Zing Fing
5. Simeen Khan Ayyub Plastic Collector
6. Shreeya Thigale Shrink That FootPrint
7. Shritama Sengupta Technical Solution To Detect And Manage Water Pollution In Rivers and Canals Of India.
8. Pitani Surekha Organic Gardening
9. Devi shree.R Prediction on impact of hazardous chemical on women using machine learning
10. Anusha Veersamy IOT Based Coal Mine Safety Monitoring and Altering System
11. Lincy Smart Garbage Segregation Using Machine Learning
12. Maziya Fatima Eco friendly car parking detection system
13. P Sandhya Smart -Insect Detection Using Object Recognition
14. Bhuvaneswari Vallagachu Solar Agro Probe
15. Swathy M Track-E-Hazard
16. Ankitha S SAHAJYA APP-Providing relief aid during severe climatic disasters across India
17. Nupur Prashant Shiturkar Sanitation issues and their solutions
18. Addepalli Daisy Sindhura Smart Bin(For A Smart Colony)
19. Sarumathy M Smart Drainage Monitoring and Cleaning System
20. Yamini M. Dhake Mobile app controlled Robot for human detection in disaster management

Note : For the Shortisted Candidates the Skype Interview is scheduled at 19th Oct 2019 from 2:00 PM onwards.